The Travel to Wilderness..

I'm so much like the outcome of my scripture journal
I just so love it that I wanted to share it with you. 
I'm grateful to Shannon of 
for she has given me the inspiration to really make my 
study of scripture more organize, more meaningful 
and understandable and most especially FUN!

Here's how's it looks:
You just have to follow the arrows.

I was able to easily identify how important is the Liahona to their travel and the fine steel bow to a wooden bow. It is important to always inquire of the Lord.

The first time I met Nephi as I read the Book of Mormon, I tell myself okay.. now I know him. But now, I salute him! I want to emulate his example and faith. Every time I'm caught in a situation, I always remember his example. I always hear some one whisper to me that reminds me of Nephi's example. :-) I know how important it is to study and ponder the things we have read because we tend to follow the good example and our heart is changing. 

Hope that you'll enjoy this post! 


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