Grateful for My Unseen Father!

Last night, I was preparing for a special treat for fathers this coming Sunday because it's Father's Day. I invited the Sister Missionaries for this simple project at home. 

I've been using the T-Shirt Origami before on Father's Day but now I going to use a Tie.

You'll need: 
Neck Tie
 Black Cartolina
Correction Pen for writing
Permanent Marker White

First, I made a pattern from my husband's tie. The tie is already tied. I pulled the tie at the back to level the length and get the length I wanted. 
Second, I cut it. 
Third, I write and design. 

I asked the missionaries to write and design on the ties I made. At first it was easy to make a message for fathers.. but later on we're running out of what to say for them. We thought that we could right a message for our own father. And then, I became a little bit emotional (without noticing the sisters that i felt sad). 

And I came up with this! (which made me think more about my father)

I was thinking that if he was just beside me, He will be too protective to me. And being with him will be comfort and safe...

I haven't seen him since I was two. And of course I could not remember things from him in that age. :-) My mother just tells me good and bad things about him.. I think it's normal. 


I wanted to be grateful for my father. And truly, I'm grateful for Heavenly Father for my father. Even though I haven't met him. He has given me a legacy of good attributes and looks?? :-) (Isn't it obvious?) 

Even if my quest to find him for my family history is frustrating and disappointing, I won't give up but just be grateful always. In my heart, I feel that I love him.

And fourth, wear it to your loving father. I'm planning to use a tape or to use a string. 

I'll let you know what happen this Sunday. :-) I'll update you with photos! Promise! :-)

UPDATE:  Here is the promise photo with fathers wearing their neckties! :-)

Happy Father's Day to all your fathers! 


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