Family History Tree Art

First of all, I would like to THANK YOU! for viewing my Family History Binder. It was my most viewed post I had. Since then, I thought I should update but I don't know what happened. It has been years.. 

The good news is, even though how hard it is to research my family history, I have progress! :-) And here you can see it in my FAMILY HISTORY TREE ART.

This is my first page of my Family History Binder. Here I planned to print my thumb for every name that has completed their temple ordinance. And so, finally, here it is. 

This TREE is a free download from ONEFABDAY. She shared this for wedding day ideas but I thought this is great for my Family History Page. She is so nice to give it for free. Thank you for ONEFABDAY!

Things to do:

1.) Go to ONEFABDAY. Print the Tree template in A4 Size. 

2.) I used Acrylic Paint instead of ready made stamps with three colors because I can't find them here in my place. But I have sponge and put some acrylic paint on it (sometimes we have to use our wildest creativity).

3.) Gather all your Temple Cards. Count all the Blue, Pink and Yellow Cards respectively. Blue is for Male, Pink is for Female and Yellow is for Couple Ordinance. 

4.) Once you have the numbers for each color, start printing your thumb marks! :-)

5.) Color the tree to make it more beautiful. 

I already have so many names gathered in my research but only few have been completed for the temple ordinances because some needs more information in order to be requested. So, our family history work won't stops here... we have to continue to find information in order for them to quality for the temple ordinance. 

Family History Statistics:
Male - 15
Female - 9
Couple - 8

I felt how important each of the names because they are not just names. They are part of my family. And also, this is not just about the numbers, this is to encourage me that I still have a work to do... Let us find joy in redeeming the dead! 


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