General Conference Study Journal: "In . . . Counsellors There Is Safety"

My first assignment as 2nd counselor in our Stake Relief Society activity was to give a training for the duties and responsibilities of counselors. 

I was thrilled and quite don't know how should I give the training. The handbook of instruction did not mention so much about counselor because counselors work together with the president. I was quite nervous, don't know which reference I could use. I prayed to God and ask for help. And so, I calm myself and started searching different keyword to Google. Finally, I only use "counselors" to Google and FINALLY! A talk from Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley appeared with a very interesting title.
The title is "In . . . Counsellors There Is Safety". Isn't it interesting? I felt really excited. 

I'm so much thankful for the talk after I read it. I really felt that this talk was really important and truly the message we needed to hear and intended for the counselors and presidents which is applicable for any organization in the church.

So, I decided to study the talk and use my study journal format. I printed out enough for 6 wards. I feel a bit sad that only few have attended. Anyway, I really felt great and confident with this talk. 

Here is it!

It's FREE! Download from here: 
General Conference Study Journal: "In . . . Counsellors There Is Safety"


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