Valentines Card Making Activity

When married couple have been together for many years already, they forgot to make love notes or a valentines card for spouses. I don't know for some it maybe true but some it's good that its the opposite and they are still doing it.

For our last year's February activity (This is a very late post.), we've chosen to have a Valentines Card Making Activity. I think everyone was excited but their were few that thinks it's only for little one or it's not necessary. Some says it is awkward. But for most they are excited to create their own very special card for their very special husbands. :-) (How sweet!)

I remembered I prepare different kinds of papers, glue, color pens and some hard papers. 

And here are the results! 

All the valentines card were given to all there husbands! And I have very good feedback from husbands.. 


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