174th Stake Relief Society Anniversary

In our Stake, Cebu Central Philippines Stake, we celebrated the 174th Stake Relief Society Anniversary last March 19, 2016. 

One day before the day of celebration, there was a big problem came. The tiles at the Cultural Hall was being taken off for replacement. Immediately, the stake leaders agreed to use the big room for Sunday School. 

I truly believe that when we do our part, when problem will come, the Lord will find a way for us. Although the activity was not perfectly prepared, the air con was on but we were not able to check the degree, the sound system was always a problem, the video not so clear, some sisters complain and our background decoration is not that so good, :-) but in spite of all these things, it turns out successful. It sounds so funny but it really is! :-) This was not actually the one we planned during our meeting but still the Lord helps us along the way.

We realized that sometimes problem occurs with PURPOSE. Each ward use their assigned room and displayed their product of their enrichment activities and their food. After the activity, we are amazed that each room was already clean. Each ward clean their room. It was amazing! :-) And because the big room is not so big for big numbers of sisters, the seating was close enough to get to know each other. If it was at the cultural hall? I think each sisters are far from each other. Our first counselor of Stake Presidency has mentioned this during his closing remarks. I think he is right. 

Anyway, our theme was, "The Blessings of Additional Meetings or Activities". I love additional meetings and activities of Relief Society. If we think of how these meetings and activities blesses the lives and strengthen the faith of sisters is really great and amazing. Through these activities in each ward, we can feel and see that they have learned a lot and have developed their talents and discovered new things.

-> Display their products of their Additional Meeting or Enrichment Activities (includes craft, preserves, accessories, food, etc..)
-> Each ward will choose their best product to present through video. (It maybe dance, food presentation, and other creativity)
-> If the ward choose to present a food, they are invited to make a tester and demonstration through video presentation.

I was the one assigned to make the tokens. We decided to make the Relief Society Logo on a plate with stand. We gave each ward and they can display this during their relief society class on Sunday. If you want to make this, here's what you need:
-> Plate (clear or white)
-> Ribbons (golden yellow and blue)
-> Stand Plate
-> Print logo on 8.5" x 11" paper

I saw how each sisters on each ward was excited and eager to show their stuff they made during their activities. And I'm happy to see them. Their efforts are really amazing! See you next anniversary! :-)


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