General Conference Study Journal: What Lack I Yet?

One of the talks from the last General Conference that caught my heart was, "What Lack I Yet?".

It's an almost daily reflection of myself, what lack I yet? What can I do to change certain bad attitude or behavior?

This is really a nice talk to study. It's so amazing and sometimes funny it may sounded how the Holy Ghost prompts us in so many unique way that best for us.

I know you too could list down so many answers in result of your honest and sincere prayer to God.   I had time to really ponder things after reading, studying and writing.

I've learned and received an inspiration from this talk is that, the Holy Ghost will help and guide us for our journey to perfection with a sincere and honest heart in pleading to God on what can we change in ourselves to improve. Also, it is important to ACT upon the answers to our prayers.

Here's a free download of my study journal:

Download: General Conference Study Journal: "What Lack I Yet?"


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