Relief Society Declaration Bookmark

In our ward's Relief Society during Sunday, we recited the Relief Society Declaration. At this time, all relief society sisters stands up and all together recite the declaration. Their is one sister assigned to lead the recitation and after reading, she will pick her inspirational lines from the declaration and share her thoughts and testimony.

I really like this part of the class. It is where I learn how the sisters apply the principles in their lives. Even though how big or small their experiences was, I feel that they really are trying to apply the principles in their lives.

I thought of giving something to the sisters that will help them remember how important they are as daughter of God. I thought of giving away a Relief Society Declaration Bookmark.

My purpose to give this is to help sisters be able to read because mostly they can't see from afar. I'm so much thankful to see some of the sister really get their bookmarks when we are going to recite the declaration. My heart swell with gladness. :-) 

You might want to do this in your ward. I'm sharing with you the file. You just make sure that you have Microsoft Publisher. You can insert photo with the sister you have in your ward and also the Sister Missionaries.

Thank you for reading! 


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