My Personalized BUDGETING Style

There are have SO MANY blog post nowadays about budgeting. I feel that this topic is important to most. I also feel that many are already into budget and they, I feel are becoming more self reliant. In which, is really very helpful. I hope that everyone continue to inspires others by sharing how effective budgeting in there lives and the influence as a woman in each homes.

We had an activity early this year and it focuses on budgeting. Our new Relief Society President has invited me to share how I budget my money. I feel happy of considering me and they are excited how my PERSONALIZED BUDGETING has blessed me.

I carefully identified how I do my budgeting because I keep on googling about budgeting and how to improve it.. (@_@) I'm positive that I can find new ways from other good people who share to inspire. 

I came up with 8 STEPS

When my turn to talk about how to budget money, I gave them handout. And each step has a summary of what I mean. 

Photos No. 1 and 4 were mine and the rest are from google. My apology that I forgot to take the source. 

I'm sharing with you an editable handout which you can change to fit with you and can use for handout. 

Download: How to Budget

Thank you!


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