Father's Day Favor

For this year's Father's Day celebration, I wanted something simple and easy but not having a shy feeling instead excitement and good feeling.

I searched out Pinterest. And I found this post from KROKOTAK. They made a father's day card. It is sooo cute.  My heart melts everytime I see these kind of this things. Simple things have deeper meaning and value. Why I always feel this?

Anyway, I just follow the DIY instruction from KROKOTAK. Only that I make it smaller. 

Here 's what I did:

1.) I printed the file in PDF format. 

2.) Since the card is big, I wanted it to be small, I scanned the printed file to jpeg format.

3.) Cropped the picture. Close the file. 

4.) Find the file where you store it, right click, and print. When you print it, choose 5" x 7" size and unchecked "Fit Picture to Frame". 

5.) Follow DIY instruction from KROKOTAK.

6.) To complete my gift, I bought Rebisco Biscuits and attached my card to it.

7.) And lastly, share the joy to the Father's at Church! :-)

Hope that this will help you for next year's Father's Day!


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