My Jacob 5 Study Journal

I'm so much excited to share you "My Jacob 5 Study Journal". I was stuck with Jacob 5 for the whole month of October. I wanted to move forward. Their are still a lots of thoughts in my head that I cannot organize properly because I become dizzy every time I try to put them in order. I don't know if you have this experience. I hope you have so that I can ask for advice. :-)

Anyway, yesterday was my last day of Jacob 5. I have to move on with Jacob 6. And in my journal, I wrote down that I hope and pray the spirit will lead me back to this chapter when I am ready and when I don't get dizzy. :-)

So... here it is...

1st Scene

2nd Scene

3rd Scene

This was the conversation of the Servant and the Lord of the Vineyard from my previous page. 

After the conversation.... they have planning... 

And finally, they do their planning for the last time..

The result of their labor.

As I have studied this chapter, I searched from the internet about Olive Tree. How it grows, Why it was planted in a vineyard and more bits of pieces about olive tree. Their is a lot to be discovered and so many things uncovered for me little by little. 

I hope that this could help you study Jacob 5. My personal thoughts are in my study journal. I hope I could share it with you also.. I'm grateful for other members of the church that share their thoughts. It helps me open my mind to different perspective and learning. A different view on how great the LOVE of our Lord and Heavenly Father for us! 

You may improve this illustrations with your own study journal. Let me know if I have missed something, where I have mistaken or may just let me know your thoughts and testimony of this chapter. I would love to hear that!


elisangela.m32 said…
Que pena eu não sei o inglês!! Deve ser bem interessante sua visão desse capitulo...
MuaHRiLou said…
Oh, eu sinto muito .. Mas eu sei que alguém poderia jelp traduzir .. Nosso amigo GOOGLE! :-)

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