2016 Christmas Activities

I had enough time to plan for our Christmas activities at home in spite of my busy schedule. I'm grateful that God allow me and helped me with my preparations. I would like to share with you all!

I bought gifts for different group of friends. And the buying time was just so quickly and I was really pondering what should I give. I'm really grateful for all the inspirations that I received.


We were three sisters assigned to prepare gifts for all the adult sisters in our church. We have this organization called Relief Society. After discussion with the other two sisters, we decided that each of us will prepare 20 simple gifts. For a total of 60 gifts. surely all the adult sisters including the visitors will have something to receive.

These were the things that I bought for gifts. I'm sad that I forgot to take photos after I wrap each gifts. But anyway, hope this will give you an idea. :-)

Exchange Gift Game

Before the Ward Christmas Party program ends, we requested all the sisters form in a circle. Each sisters will choose one gift from the 60 gifts that we prepared. We included ourselves and choose some one to facilitate.

The facilitator instructed us to pass the gift counterclockwise. The facilitator will decide when to say stop and will tell us again to pass the gift clockwise. This time the facilitator will count from  1 up to when he decided to stop. This time when he say stop, the gift that pass to you will be the gift for you.

The result was exciting and a little fun. I've realized that each sisters choose the best gift they think or the big gift they want. But I was smiling because they thought that would be final gift for themselves. They were wrong. I was pondering the result because as they finally receive the gift landed for them, they all exclaim the what they received was exactly right and what they needed. I felt something a little magical at moment. :-)


I was also assigned to prepare prizes for the children's game. I bought this items and pack into party bags. As usual I forgot to take pictures when I was done because I was in a hurry always. :-)


In our company, we have prepared something for our workers and laborers. I have been so grateful for suppliers who really have extended much for this giving gifts program during our Christmas party. I salute their generous heart.

The gift became more than enough because of our boss generosity and our supplier and sub-con. Really heart warming! I'm so much grateful.

Each gift was numbered on the day of our Christmas party. It was displayed near the food. We prepared rolled paper with number on it. After the games, we asked them to pick one paper and after all have picked their numbers, we call on randomly each numbers. They come in front to get their gifts.

With this experience, no matter how bad we feel with workers and laborers with their performances, I think they also have to receive gifts. We learn constant forgiveness of their mistakes and also with ourselves. Their is no place for greediness, hard heart and ungratefulness during Christmas or even not Christmas season. Truly, this is the message of this season, to give with a grateful heart and be a grateful receiver!


Christmas fall on Sunday. It was a best time to give away simple treats! After much time searching on Pinterest, finally I came a decision to choose this treat. I gave this for Relief Society Sisters for our ward. Our Sunday service was combined with other wards. No other classes. Only Sacrament meeting.


I decided not to give gifts on Christmas eve. This time I feel to have our exchanging gift on Christmas day after lunch. I told them in advance what are my plans.

In the morning, we prepare and cook. Afterwards, we have our lunch. We had a simple game. I chose Christmas charades. I thought my family will not cooperate but I prayed in my heart and keep myself happy and positive. We enjoyed our Christmas charades game.

Next was the exchanging gifts which my nephew was excited about. Every one opened their gifts and mine also. They were all surprised and happy. I'm also happy to see them happy.

One thing our family really can't say was to say thank you. I think they are shy but I know they are thankful. You know if we are not used to say, then we courageously say it, we feels something in our heart. I don't know maybe they don't want to be emotional or something. Anyway, to see them happy, makes me happy. It was simple gathering but really remarkable. I wanted to do this next year again. :-)


I know missionaries are busy. So, early December I already made an appointment with them to have Christmas dinner with us.
We had simple dinner.


Make your own burger

When they arrived at 6:00 pm, I let them answer the Christmas puzzle using this Christmas place mat which I edited. I got this from this great blogger, INKABLINKA.

They were answering while my husband at the back finishing his burgers. :-) Thanks to you husband!

Okay. After that, we had a prayer. They started eating and talking. After awhile, we had Christmas charades and eating.

After the charades, we do ANSWER THE QUESTIONS about Christmas. Questions were:

What is your favorite Christmas Song? Why?

What is your unforgettable Christmas experience?

What is the true meaning of Christmas?

Are we a grateful receiver of gifts especially from God?

I've learn much from their answers. I was surprised. My heart was full. Really had a great time with them.

Here are some of the answers that I like:

What is your favorite Christmas Song? Why? -> My hubby's answer was Silent Night. Elder Morris explained that this was sung during a war. When the Germans sung this song the war stops and altogether with French and Americans sung the song.

What is your unforgettable Christmas experience? -> We became emotional because half of us has good memories and the other has no unforgettable memories. I've realized that the most memorable memories are when family do something special altogether. I think either of the memories, we will be emotional.

What is the true meaning of Christmas? -> I think all of us agreed that true meaning of Christmas is by giving, sharing, caring and loving to our family and to those who needs without having a thought in return. Those shared experiences were really touching.

Are we a grateful receiver of gifts especially from God? -> I shared Luke 17: 11-19. This was really my pondering for Christmas. I thank God but I want to thank Him more often and all the little things that I miss to thank Him.

Elder Espiritu had the final words for closing, but before that he ask me and my husband to say something for each other that we wanted to let each other know. It made me cry because I was touched what my husband has said. I know he was shy. And his message with his emotional voice really touched my heart. I realized we haven't talked like that for many months already. I haven't realized how he feels for me from deep of his heart.

I wanted to continue this kind of gathering because I learn how my family feels and others too!

It ended well! Merry Christmas to all!


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