175th Relief Society Anniversary

As some of you know, I'm still in the Stake Relief Society Presidency. My Stake RS President have this inspiration to celebrate the anniversary by commemorating the Pioneers.

We informed all the wards to prepare a Pioneer Dance and Costume. This made us excited.

During the activity, last March 18, 2017, we are happy to see that all the sisters were really prepared in making their costume and prepared their dance presentation.

My Stake RS President was touched to see the efforts. She was moved to gave token of appreciations.

Also, for my part, I was the one conducting and I'm so shy. I felt awkward what to say. 

I am the one wearing pink bonnet and apron. We sewed our costume. 

But anyway, I feel love during the activity. I am happy for my Stake RS President because she listen to my idea. I told her that since we still have time and it is her turn for closing remarks, maybe it is okay to acknowledge the PIONEER SISTERS of each wards.

She did that. I'm glad. She also acknowledged me. I love her.

It was touching that she called each ward's Pioneer Sisters. Sisters who were at age 70 and above, who have been a member since the church started in Cebu City, Philippines. We were astonished. They were really old but strong and dancing. I like it when she said it is not easy to be a member of this church in spite of all the trials and challenges they have been through. And it is not easy to be an active member of the church from the time then on. 

It really touched my heart. I know these pioneer sisters wanted to be noticed and appreciated. I feel that they really deserve it. I also feel that they have so many stories that shows faithfulness to the Lord that they might want to share and no just want to listen. I feel sad when they are unnoticed and ignored. Maybe we have to be reminded that we have to be grateful for them. It doesn't matter how they have been through for their entire life but to thank them in their journey of studying, practicing and striving to follow the commandments of the Lord.

I found these GREAT SITES for sewing tips. 
I think these sites were the easiest to understand for me. 

HOW TO MAKE APRON: Buns and Baskets

I made the program for the activity. It's free! Yay!



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