Empanada Making

We made a goal in our Relief Society Presidency that this year our activities will focus on being SELF RELIANT. I feel this is really a good goal for our ward. Being Self Reliant does not talk about money only. It composes of many aspect both temporal and spiritual. 

We planned and had EMPANADA MAKING. Our purpose with this activity is to teach sisters how to make empanada to sell them for business. This way will help them become self reliance. 

I think someone who want to start this for business needs to really study it, re-make, re-cook and try and try... 

Can you see the recipe on the board? and also the amount? (only applicable for Philippines).

Look at them! We were not able to count how many Empanada's cooked because everyone ate it. :-) I really had fun looking at each sister having good time with each other. 

Thank you so much for coming sisters! See you again during our Relief Society Anniversary!


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