Relief Society Interest Survey

I remembered when I was called as the Relief Society Meeting Coordinator before; I was told to make an "Interest Survey" with the Sisters in our ward. We have benefited from the survey because we learned the talents and interest of our sisters. 

It is necessary that we too show interest in every Sisters talent, interest and what they love to share. It creates a bond of sisterhood and a world of good stuff and thoughts. 
That is what I really want to happen. 

I, personally, have experience that. Over time, I realized to myself what should I prioritize the most and would love to do the most. And it was scripture study, crafts, activities, gardening, sewing, and home. This is why I have this blog. And thank you for the viewers that show interest in what I do. I also really admire those bloggers out there with the same interest and priorities align with the Lord's will. 

Also, we wanted to know each of their talents for future needs. They are good tools for the Lord's storehouse. 

Sharing with you today our Relief Society Interest Survey. 

The lists were copied from the Handbook of Instruction. They were actually the themes that an activity should focus about. 

This year our goal is to help sister become more self-reliant. We will plan for each of the themes and focus on being self-reliant. 

We hope that each sisters will practice how to be self reliant and be able to share and serve. 


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