Stake Relief Society - Clothing Exchange 2016

This would be our third time that we held this activity. Everybody has enjoyed this activity and we had decided to do it again but this time, with new Stake Relief Society Presidency, their is also a NEW RULES for this activity this year. 

We thought that we could make this activity more fun and more interactive.

So, we decided to have this NEW STYLE.

Each ward bring their clothes for exchange.

This time, we did not combine all the clothes. We assigned rooms for each ward. They displayed the clothes and others items.

Members of each ward received a ticket. If they bring 10 items, they get 10 tickets. Those tickets are used to which ward they get their exchanged clothing. 

It was fun and everyone get to mingle with Sisters from other Wards.

I came across with this VALENTINE COUPON from KIND OVER MATTER. She has a free template that I edited for our exchange clothing activity. 

I'm thankful for her free template because it was really what we need. Though we did not use this for Valentine. I just made little revised. 

I'm sharing with you this file that I revised. THANK YOU!



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