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I have been doing my family history research from time to time. I still have so many information to gather but that fact does not discourage me but inspires me to do even better. I still have few papers and photos at hand and it's not so hard to manage right now. ha ha.. But the reason why I wanted to organize my family history into binder because..

First, I was so much inspired by one of the Sisters in our Relief Society. I helped her do her own family history but she taught me much more than I helped her. She brought her files at the Family History Center. As look at it, I thought that her family history is so rich of information. She told me that her mother do all that research and performed temple ordinances. "I saw her doing the research before but I don't mind and care", she shared. Now, she can feel how important all her mother's work, testimony, patience and diligence. I too was able to feel how she felt. 

Second, I feel the need to organize. I understand this Sister's need. Because of so many Family Group Records, she don't know to which family, a family belongs and which line she is going to do the research. It was a bit confusing. Her mother only understand the records. So, I thought, I should make my Family History Binder organize and understandable to my family and other persons.

So I came up with this....

Family History Binder
You'll need:
3-Ring Binder - I was able to buy at National Bookstore for only 41.50 pesos..
 I got this scrapbook kit from DESIGN BY KRISTA BLOG and used it as for my family history binder cover. I printed it in 8" x 10" size and laminated with film. I used double sided adhesive to attached in front of my binder. I'm quite satisfied... :-)

Plastic divider - This is a little expensive but I think you can improvise something like this if you want to make it cheaper. This will really help you organize because it allows you to separate documents accordingly.

Pedigree Chart & Family Group Records - You can buy this at Distribution Center Store at Cebu Philippines Temple, Lahug, Cebu City if your in Cebu. Or you can download HERE.

Sticker Dots - In National Bookstore, you will not find with color. So, I just bought what is available there and color it with Stabilo Marker.

Index Card - You'll use this for your Research Log.

Refillable Pockets - To protect your papers and to hold your Family Group Records, pictures and other important papers.

The Contents...

  Cover Page
 I used this page from Heritage Collector.

Family Tree Art
I planned to include this Tree Art because I wanted to see my thumbprint on it of how many names was able to have Temple Ordinance..

My Testimony Page
  Oh~~ that testimony page will really matter so much for my family and my next generation. I so wanted to include this into my binder.
Download: My Testimony Page

Temple Ordinance Records 
  • List of names ready for Temple Ordinance. You can check Temple Ready name on your Family Search Account. Family Search will helps you keep track of your temple work.
  • Keep Family File Names Card. This is the Name Card you receive when you perform the ordinance. After that you all the ordinances has been done, you go back to temple and get your card back and you can keep it.
 Things To Do / Notes
  •  List of you need to do. As you go further on your family history work, ideas will come to your mind of things you need to do, you want to do and how are you going to do.
  • Ideas. Also, you'll start receiving more inspiration such as activities, reunion, family home evening, improvement of your binder, and more. You can jot it down and it's okay. You don't have to do it right away. Jotting down will help you keep the inspiration not to fade away.
Research Checklist / Sorting List
  •  Research Log. This is important because if you haven't check your paper for a long time, you start asking yourself, "Where did I get this information?" You start to wonder or doubt if your information is right. It happens to me. Keeping this research log will make your research more dependable.
  • Research checklist.  A simple checklist can keep your research focused, will give you a complete family overview of what records you're going to look for, and will help you decide what records or names you want to search for next.
  • Sorting. In PAF has a different ways on printing your records. You can use this to sort out record you want to check. It would also be helpful to your research.
 Download: Cover Page

Pedigree Chart
Here's how my Pedigree Chart looks:

Number & Color Coding Legend
You can set up what color you like for coding.

Family Group Table

How to do this?
Make sure you have assigned Family numbering on your Pedigree chart. 
Like what I have shown you above.
On your table of contents, number 1~10. Use dots with the right color respectively. 
And write the names of husband and wife. 
You can write the year of birth and death of the person deceased.

For example: 
Family No. 1 is my hubby and me.
Family No. 2 is my Father and Mother.
Family No. 3 is my Grandfather and Grandmother.

Use plastic divider and place dot sticker with the right number of couple.

 For each Family or Couples you have numbered, you'll have to fill out Family Group
Record. Include Research Log on each family on your Family Group Record. It will help you keep track of your research and your progress.

 At the back of your Family Group Record, include the picture of your family and other important papers or memorabilia that you may have.

That's it. Do this in all the families.

Sorry for the quality of photo, I used my phone's camera.

I didn't mean that you follow all that I suggest. I just show you how I organize my family history, which, in fact, is very possible to do. Every one has its on style of organizing depending on your needs. All we just want to achieve it to make it understandable, reachable and inspiring, isn't it?

Hope this post could give you inspiration as I was inspired by a Sister in our Ward.

Have fun!


Rochelle Butler said…
I just LOVE your imagination and organizational skills! Put these together and you've got a real winner! I hope you don't mind if I use your example. Just what I've been looking for!
Thank you so very much!!!
Anonymous said…
The first "HERE" link is broken. I'd love to use it if you could fix the link so I could see what it went to. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
The first "HERE" link is broken and I'd love to see where that went to. Could you please fix the link or give me the address so I can view it? Thank you so much for your time and effort into this project. I love your ideas.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful organization! This is just what I was looking for. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
The best organization I've seen yet!
Anonymous said…
Love it! Going to try it!
MuaHRiLou said…
Thank you so much! :-)
MuaHRiLou said…
Unfortunately, that first HERE link has been discontinued. Sorry to tell you that. Hope could help you with something else. Thank you!
MuaHRiLou said…
Hi Rochelle! That is so fine with me! Thank you so much!

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