Last February 19, 2011, our Relief Society Additional Meeting was share and listen to our Sister's Love Story.

I know how wonderful it is to reminisce the time where you first fall in love to the person whom you be caring for for eternity. Every enjoyed sharing their experiences. They shared some of the problems encountered and how they solve the problem together as couple. They shared how they strengthened their marriages. How they become strong through the gospel of Jesus Christ. How they appreciated their spouses. I know that even though we are raise differently with our parents the Lord will be our guide in marriage.  He is the only one that will unite us.

 As a gift to the sisters, I prepared the scratch off valentine card for them to write a message for their husbands. I think it is very sweet way to show our feelings. :-) Click for tutorial HERE!

Thank you so much for the participation! Hope to see again next activity! :-)


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