Charity vs. Pride

I saw this attractive and study-convincing post from a blogger theredheadedhostess.

Oh~~ at first I was a bit afraid to realize how prideful I might have been.. I'm afraid to read it for myself and you see with first attempt I became prideful already. And last night, I was filled with Spirit to study this. This is an entry to my scripture journal.

I'm grateful for the beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With His atoning sacrifice, we can be charitable. :-) I know that I am his daughter. I know that studying the scripture and applying the principles into our life will make us go back in the presence of the Lord. I'm thankful for the blessing of repentance and the love of our Savior for me.

With this study, I know I should not copy the learning's of other person but I can follow her ways. I should gain knowledge and understanding not just copying them. So, I assure you I learned a lot with this. It made me humble.I gained my testimony.

I read the talk suggested to study which in titled BEWARE OF PRIDE, by Pres. Ezra Taft Benzon. This is such a powerful talk!

Pres. Benzon said,
"Pride is a very misunderstood sin, and many are sinning in ignorance" 

 Oh~~ my heart pondered the things I've read. I've learned so many things.
I've learned how important it is to distinguish the prideful sins and how to be combat that sins with VIRTUES. If our hearts are open to the influence of the Spirit it is so easy to recognize that we are mistake and that we need to repent right away.

Elder Smotch said yesterday during the Stake Conference that pride is a battle within our selves. And that we should YIELD in the influence of the Holy Spirit to soften our HEARTS even in prayer.
Keep reminding of ourselves and let our hearts drawn continually to the Lord.
Plan to improve our selves.
Focus in our heart and in our mind.
Let the Gospel take over our life.


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