Dating versus Hanging Out

 We had this Relief Society Activity last month on dating with the couple missionary from Cebu Philippine Temple. It was a great night with them and with the Sisters. I thought to study by myself and review the talk that was shared that night. It was in titled...

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 Dating versus Hanging Out

I remembered dating with my hubby before. We had actually dated because we planned to go out for dinner or movie. I'm thankful that he actually asked for a date. I felt that he was a committed person especially for me. I just realized how important dating would be for married couples. I'd like to remember those dates when we get old and realize how our love for each other had grown. 

I think single ladies will find right answers with their bunch of questions about choosing the right man for them if you will study the talk of Elder Dallin Oaks. 

Download Here: Dating versus Hanging Out PDF 

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