How our HEART should be?

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."
Matthew 6:21

This has been my all-time favorite scripture.

It started when my HEART desired to read the scripture learn about our Savior's life on earth in the New Testament.
I came across with this verse 
and it amazed me so much that my HEART was comforted and feel joy and peace.
I realized that one of the important thing that I have and have blessed me is my imperfect HEART!

So, it inspired me to study all about HEART and I am so touched with all the things I've learn.

How I started with my study?

I look up HEART in the Topical Guide. Their are lots of verses relating to HEART. But I concentrate on my question...

What the Lord requires our HEART?
and it is so amazing that I've learned a lot and questions just come to me so rapidly. 

I wrote down all the verses that stands out so much to me on my notepad. After that, I read every scripture verses that I found and transfer it to my scripture journal.

With simple art on it...

The Lord requires our HEART to be humble..
judge not other people..
To trust him with all our HEART..
To open our HEART with the Spirit to have understanding..
To be PURE..
To be HAPPY..
To knit our HEART together with unity..

Doubt not, but believing..
The Lord should be the first in our HEART..
To have a mighty change of HEART..

To have a broken HEART..
To have a good intention and desire in our HEART..
To treasure the things of God in our HEART..

Because we will be judge according to the desire of our HEARTS..

It is a comforting message to me that God knows our HEARTS and that he knows what blessings we deserve. He ponder our HEARTS and I know that he knows what we need and what we hope for. He knows if we put him first and treasure the things of Him than any worldly things here on earth we will have our light shine to everyone and we will be happy. I know that if we humble our hearts, we will understand Him and our family, friends and other people, we can open up our hearts to understanding, we were able to feel the Spirit and receive personal revelations and we will able to knit our HEARTS together in unity even in ZION

Just as you can have love in your heart always, your heart can be drawn out in prayer always. Henry B. Eyring, Ensign, Oct. 1999, 7

 I made this OPEN HEART when I was in grade school. I thought that this would be good idea for my journal and for my study.

First, make a HEART.

Fold in half.

Draw a line for cutting. Leave a space as shown.

Cut the line.

Open the HEART.

Cut in the middle of the HEART so that you can see what's inside.

Apply glue to the edges at the back and paste on your journal.

Update: I love the talk of Elder Dallin H. Oaks in titled "The Desires of Our Hearts"

 Their are three points he explained well that we need to ponder and act upon. 

1. The law of God we are accountable for our feelings and desires as well as our acts. Evil thoughts and desires will be punished.

2. Acts that seem to be good bring blessings only when they are done with real and righteous intent.

3. On the positive side, we will be blessed for the righteous desires of our hearts even though some outside circumstance has made it impossible for us to carry those desires into action.


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