Stake Relief Society Activities

Relief Society Anniversary 2017: Pioneer Sisters. Each ward prepared Pioneer costume and dance presentation.

Relief Society Anniversary 2016: The Blessings of Enrichment Activities. Each ward presented their products from enrichment activities and showed through video how this activities blessed the lives of Sisters.

Stake Relief Society Activity 2014: Clothing ExchangeEach ward brought clothes and other things that still can be used by other.
Relief Society Anniversary 2013: Cultural Presentation of Other Country.  Each ward chosen a country to be presented their cultural dance.

Relief Society Anniversary 2012: Presentation of Dance and Projects We Made that Strengthen Our Families. Each ward presented projects from activities we had and a dance presentation.

Relief Society Anniversary 2011: Healthy and Budget Recipes. Each ward in our stake prepared a food that is healthy and on budget.

Relief Society Anniversary 2010: Foreign Country's Food, Song and Dance Presentation. Each ward in our stake assigned a country to be presented their food, song and dance.  


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