Ward Relief Society Activities

August 2017: Visiting Teaching Acquaintance Activity.  We had discussions about questions to ask during visiting.
July 2017: EFFECTIVE WAY OF STUDYING THE SCRIPTURES. We learned and shared ways of studying scriptures.

June 2017: Recycled Water Bottle for 72 hours kit. We learned how to put zipper in a water bottle.

May 2017: Papaya Atsara Making. We learned how to make papaya atsara.

April 2017: Strengthening Marriages and Families through Financial Management in their Homes. Budgeting involving the family.

March 2017: Empanada Making. We learned how to make Empanada for business.

January 2016: How to Budget Money. Two speakers were invited about the topic.                  
November 2014: Service Gift Auction. We donated service and gift in auction setting.
June 2014: Mango Jam and Mango Bango. We made a Mango Jam for our self-reliance preparation.
December 2013: Modest Mini Fashion Show. Together with Young Women, we choose the right and modest dress.


August 2013: Woven Magazine Coin Purse We made our very own recycled coin purse.

June 2013: 72-Hours Kit We showed our 72-Hours Kit and learned something new from the other Sisters.

May 2013: Tie Dyeing Activity We learned how to use old clothes through tie dyeing.
April 2013: Security Preparedness
We have learned how to avail SSS for retirement and Death Insurance.
March 2013: 171th Relief Society Anniversary  We represented the Taiwan aborigine cultural dance. 

January 2013: How to make Siomai? We learned how to make Siomai and learned some simple cooking techniques.
August 2012: 5 Steps of Family History. Understand how to start Family History, what to do next and to organize documents.

July 2012: How to Make Tamarind Jam. We learned how to make tamarind jam for our food storage and 72 hours kit.
May 2012: Manicure and Pedicure Activity. We learned how to manicure and pedicure with other Sisters.
April 2012: Effective Communication for Marriage and Relationships. We invited couple missionaries from the Temple to speak to us about this topic.
March 2012: 170th Relief Society Anniversary. We showed our projects made from our activities and we had dance presentation.

February 2012: Dating to Marriage to Dating. We invited couple missionaries from the Temple to speak to us about dating.
January 2012: San Nicolas Sisters are Pinoy Henyo! We played Pinoy Henyo.
November 2011: Bake and Decorate a Cake Activity. We learned how to bake and decorate a cake. One of the Sisters shared her talent and taught us.

June 2011: Basic Crochet We learned how to start crocheting.

May 2011: Flower Brooch We made different colors of flower brooch for Sister as Mother's Day present.

March 2011: 169th Relief Society Anniversary We prepared nutritious food and also we had dance presentation.
March 2011: Commemoration of Emma Smith's Life We watched the movie of Emma Smith and gave bookmarks for remembrance.

February 2011: Sister's Love Story We heard from all the sisters their inspiring love stories!
January 2011: Family Home Evening Chart We made this chart for each families.

September 2010: Paper Flower One of the Sisters taught us how to make paper flower. She learned this craft from her mother.  

December 2010: Christmas in a Box Giveaways One of the most memorable activity we had.

November 2010: The Symbolism of Christmas We made a Christmas Wreath and discuss each item its symbols and meanings.

October 2010: There is some THING about Temple We had made temple cake and there were hidden rolled papers in it.

August 2010: Be Prepared Activity We had presented each Sister's 72-hours kit ideas and learned more tips.
July 2010: Father's Day: Polo Shirt with Necktie Origami We made origami Father's day card or all the priesthood at Church.

May 2010: Brooch We made brooch for Relief Society Sisters.

January 2010: Family Prayer Rug We made prayer rugs.


cieloavanz said…
Thanks for the wonderful ideas! I am going to do this in our ward! Keep sharing your creative ideas. P.S. I like your blog.
MuaHRiLou said…
Thank you so much Cieloavanz! I'm happy that you like my blog. :-) Lately I have been so busy I don't have updates lately. But I'll find time! Thank you really!

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